The Hockey Sweater [Amazon Link]


The Hockey Sweater is a story about how the significance of a hockey team’s jersey can significantly impact relationships at the local hockey rink. Rivalries in hockey are common between organizations, but no rivalry is quite apparent as the one between the popular Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is a major problem that Roch Carrier faces within the story of The Hockey Sweater.


This story explores the important connection that kids develop to their favorite sports teams and players. Ice hockey serves as a perfect example where the true meaning of a hockey team is more significant than what you might initially think.


Additional Details

  • Roch Carrier has to determine what to do when he receives a Jersey from a rival hockey team.
  • Rivalries in sports can mean a lot of things. This concept is deeply explored in this meaningful story.


The Game [Amazon Link]


The Game focuses on hockey and why the Montreal Canadiens are such a popular and beloved hockey team by millions of fans. This personal story from Ken Dryden dives even deeper into the inner workings of the sport that many fans might not understand from a spectator’s perspective.


Additional Details

  • Ken Dryden flashes back to the Montreal Canadiens of the 1970s.


Future Greats and Heartbreaks [Amazon Link]


Hockey scouts are usually in the shadows, trying to find upcoming talent for several of the most prominent hockey organizations. Take a look at an in-depth story about what life is like being a hockey scout behind the scenes and how personal stories from hockey players can turn out in such positive or negative ways.


Additional Details

  • Explore the Life of a Hockey Scout in this Intriguing Story


The Home Team [Amazon Link]


The Home Team focuses on how families can bond over the sport of hockey. Several meaningful lessons might be important for hockey fans to understand as they continue to learn more about the sport of hockey.


Additional Details

  • The connection between a Father and a Son within the Sport of Hockey provides several interesting lessons in this story.


Scrubs on Skates [Amazon Link]


Scrubs on Skates is a story about a high school kid named Pete Gordon, who is forced to join a newly-organized hockey team instead of playing with his old friends and teammates. There are many challenging scenarios that he has to face, but this story explores how you can overcome it.


Additional Details

  • Pete Gordon faces a new high school team with new, unfamiliar faces and not his old friends and teammates.