Getting the latest news about the National Hockey League can be hard for busy hockey fans. Not only are they not able to keep up with every game and the latest articles, but they also tend to get bored of listening to sports radio. Fortunately, there are a few great podcasts that will keep fans informed and entertained.

Puck Podcast

One of the most popular podcasts for hockey fans is the Puck Podcast, which is hosted by Doug Stolhand and Eddie Garcia. This weekly program features a variety of analyses and debates, as well as interviews with some of the best hockey players in the world. Each episode of the show can last for around an hour and a half, so take it on long road trips to keep up with the latest developments in the league.

Hockey Hurts

The Hockey Hurts podcast is a weekly program that features stories that fans will never find anywhere else. It’s hosted by Cameron Walsh and Ryan Wilson, and they cover a variety of topics. Their unique combination of experience and knowledge makes for an entertaining hour every week.

Puck Soup

Sometimes, hockey fans want to know what hockey people think about nonhockey subjects. This is the reason why Puck Soup is a great show to listen to. Host Greg Wyshynski and his guests talk about what’s happening in the world of hockey and what they think about other topics. This is the ideal listen for anyone who always wonders what the real-life experiences of professional hockey players are like.

Marke vs. Wyshynski

Who doesn’t like Jeff Marek on Hockey Central @ Noon? The Wyshynski vs. Marek podcast is a must-listen for hockey fans who are passionate about debating the most controversial topics in the game. Each week, Greg and Jeff invite guests to participate in the fun and provide listeners with a variety of perspectives.

Hockey Central @ Noon?

The goal of Hockey Central @ Noon is to provide hockey lovers with the latest news about the league. Each day, Jeff and David Amber talk with former players such as Colby Armstrong and Nick Kypreos. They also interview other prominent hockey figures such as Brian Burke and Doug MacLean.