With five essential team members out for much of the highly-anticipated road trip games, the team has performed to the best of their abilities regardless. The Bruins play with unmatched coordination with each other that stems from years of practice and playing on the ice together. The temporary loss of five members Kevan Millar, Zdeno Chara, Charlie McAvoy, Urho Vaakanainen, and John Moore, due to injuries, and Tuuko Rask out on a leave of absence has put a damper on the team.

Out of the past 11 games, the Bruins have won six. They remain ranked fourth in their division but are hopeful for the rest of the season with the return of several players. Kevan Miller was the first of the reinforcements to arrive giving the Bruins defense a much-needed boost after a hand injury kept him out of the game for over a month.

Another defenseman, Charlie McAvoy will also begin playing again shortly after healing from a concussion. He has been spotted skating with the team during practice and will soon be cleared for future games. Urho Vaakanainen also suffered from a concussion is also back on the ice for practice as well. There may be just a few games left without these players back on the ice, which can only mean good news and more wins for the team.

While there are many players slowly making their way back onto the ice, John Moore is still recovering from his injuries but hopes to be back in the game soon. Zdeno is not slated to return until late December at the earliest, and Patrice Bergeron has not set a date for his return after meeting with several doctors recently.

Over the course of the trip, several rookies made their NHL debuts, and other newcomers gained more experience and time on the ice. While playing professionally for the first time can be daunting, the rest of the seasoned team has shown nothing but support for the guys standing in for the injured. While their lineup is not what the team anticipated, the Bruins are starting to look more like the well-oiled machine their fans know and love regardless of how young several of the lines are.

The team is pulling together as best they can with the sudden changes multiple injuries have sprung upon the team, however, they have a long road ahead. The return of other players will undoubtedly give the team a much-needed boost and will hopefully increase their standing in their division this season.