As many past and present youth hockey players will tell you, youth hockey has many advantages that extend past the ice hockey rink. Activities like youth hockey provide participants with such a strong sense of camaraderie. It gives players the opportunity to grow and bond with a group of people who share common interests that they may have not met otherwise. That’s just the social aspect of the sport. Keep reading below for more benefits of playing youth hockey:


Participating in sports like youth hockey allows for a deeper sense of confidence to grow within. Hockey is not easy and by playing a sport that requires such consistency and physical well-being, it will undoubtedly also improve one’s self-awareness and self-esteem.


Naturally, children have to learn what the word “fair” means. One of the best things for them to do is play a sport to understand what is fair and what isn’t. These behaviors are often modeled by referees and coaches.

In addition to learning what it means to play fair, participants will also learn how to properly interact with players from opposing teams. They will learn good sportsmanship and how to lose/win with grace.

Model student

Depending on the age, type of program, and participant coaches may require players to maintain a specific grade point average and behavioral expectations to stay on the team. This added layer of expectation usually has a positive effect on how participants perform in school.

The benefits of playing youth hockey are abundant! Contact your local youth hockey association and enroll your child today!