You are never too old to try out something new. Hockey is a great sport to pick up at any time because the rules are fairly easy to learn. The biggest athletic skill required is the ability to ice skate at a high level. The more complicated nuances of the game will be learned as you become a more skilled player. These are the four most important tips every new hockey player needs to follow.

Get the Right Equipment

You will have a hard time comfortably playing hockey if you do not have the right equipment for your body. Most hockey players use ice skates that are one size smaller than their regular shoe size. The snug fit gives extra stability to your ankles, which results in more stability on the ice. You also need to make sure your stick is the proper size based on your height. Hockey stores generally have someone to help you find the perfect stick.

Practice Off the Ice

Handling the puck is one of the toughest skills for new hockey players to learn. It is best to make things as simple as possible when learning a new skill. The easiest way to do this is by practicing your puck handling skills off of the ice. Take your stick into the garage or basement and just practice controlling the puck while moving around.

Always Keep Stick on Ice

Once you start playing on the ice with a full team, it is important to keep your stick on the ice at all times. This puts you in a good position to quickly receive a pass and shoot in the offensive zone. It is also easier to deflect passes and shots in the defensive zone when you have the stick on the ice.

Watch the Professionals Play

There are a lot of strategies and tactics used during a hockey game. The best way to get a deeper understanding of this part of the game is by watching the best players in the world. Spend your free time watching NHL games on TV. Pay attention to the way they move and react in every situation. If you plan on only playing one position, then you should only focus on these players while watching the game.