There are many forms of entertainment available these days. From cable television to streaming services, YouTube to the radio, there’s no shortage of ways to keep your mind occupied. Unfortunately, television isn’t always available, and for hockey fans wanting to watch the game, that can be disappointing. Luckily, there are plenty of podcasts that can quench your thirst for all-things ice hockey—here are some of the best


Podcast #1 – Spittin Chiclets


Barstool Sports powers the popular podcast that is recognized as Spittin Chiclets. This podcast offers humor, excitement, entertainment, and a whole lot more. Listeners will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts, including popular hockey players that have been successful throughout their career. The personal opinions of those who are involved with this podcast are accurate, interesting, and provide listeners with a perspective that very few might previously have understood.


Podcast #2 – Hockey Central at Noon


Hockey Central at Noon is a television show that has evolved into a podcast format over the last several months. This podcast seems to be the first of its kind that can transition between popular topics swiftly and still keep the discussions interesting and entertaining for listeners. This could very easily be considered one of the top hockey podcasts in the industry right now.


Podcast #3 – 31 Thoughts: The Podcast


31 Thoughts: The Podcast focuses on specific topics about hockey in each individual podcast episode. Elliotte Friedman from Sportsnet uses his extensive hockey knowledge to form interesting opinions and discussions that surround the world of hockey. Casual and die-hard hockey fans should have a lot of fun listening to this podcast every time a new episode becomes available.


Podcast #4 – The Steve Dangle Podcast


Steve Dangle’s Podcast will be particularly appealing to Toronto Maple Leafs fans. Steve Dangle is a die-hard Leafs fan that has built a platform with other die-hard Leafs fans. The podcast focuses on everything that surrounds the Toronto Maple Leafs as they compete during the regular season in the NHL. You might also notice occasional mentions of other popular hockey topics that are dominating the NHL at any given point in time.


Podcast #5 – The TSN Hockey Bobcast


Bob McKenzie is considered an ice hockey expert who understands several of the sport’s inner-workings. This podcast explores behind-the-scenes topics that might not be found on regular television stations focused around hockey. You will get to hear in-depth personal opinions about hockey from Bob McKenzie himself if you choose to tune-in to this interesting hockey-themed podcast.