Have you ever had the urge to go play a game of hockey but for whatever reason, you’re not able to? Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe you don’t have an ice rink near you, or perhaps you just don’t have the people to play with. What do you do then? Of course, you can go watch hockey videos on the internet. Or watch a classic movie about hockey, such as The Mighty Ducks. One of my favorite options is playing a hockey video game. Video games are bigger than they’ve ever been, and while nothing can replace the real thing, video games can come pretty close at times. There have been so many great hockey video games over the years, so in this article, we’re going to discuss some of the greatest from throughout the years. Let’s dive into it.

Blades of Steel

The original “Blades of Steel” video game was revolutionary in terms of how it presented the game. It had teams that were based in real hockey cities, even if the players themselves were totally fictional.

The game has a cult following due to its fast-paced action and arcade-style. While it doesn’t have the same graphics as other more life-like hockey games, it still manages to feel great to play and scratch that hockey itch when you have it.

NHL ’94

NHL ’94 is often considered to be one of the most popular sports games of all time, as well as just one of the greatest video games ever made, full stop. There are a lot of features that make “NHL ’94” so special, but some of the standouts include the addition of realistic organ music, as well as how the game lets you do realistic hockey moves such as the one-timer. The game also included game modes such as playing a regular season, playing the playoffs, and even an awesome shootout mini-game that can be played for hours.

NFL Hitz

While hockey as an actual sport is a heavily involved game, hockey video games are all about hitting the puck. Before physics engines that allowed players to do more over-the-top things in video games, “NHL Hitz” was a fun arcade game that featured a variety of different features. Some of these included power-ups that players could use to accomplish various tasks.

NHL ’21

While EA Sports heavily tinkers with the physics of “NHL” each year, they have also taken the time to expand its online modes in recent years. With “NHL 21,” they decided to add more to the game as opposed to just adding more mechanics. The game’s online World of Hockey multiplayer mode was one of the biggest additions to the game. It featured a new ranking system that allowed players to earn ranks with their seasons. Also, the game’s Be A Pro mode was added to make the story more cinematic.