Hockey is a thrilling sport with non-stop actions. It is a game between two teams who move a puck or ball to the goal of the opposite side with a hockey stick. Watching a live game will give you an immersive experience. Fans are often more loud and cheerful. As a result, the players are motivated to play the game better. The game requires full attention because the trivia maneuvers are what make the game exciting.

The Facts

Initially, the game used a frozen cow poop as a ball. Currently, the puck is frozen before the game. In March 1995, an NHL game was annulled because of floods near the arena of San Jose Sharks. The game has two exciting, fun facts: the winners of a Stanley Cup eat food like ice cream, cereal, and chicken wings from the Cup and the belief that octopus brings good luck to the players. Two American brothers, Jerry and Pete Cusimano, tossed an octopus to the famed Detroit arena. The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup after the match.

Canadian players once forgot the Stanley Cup in a snow bank. Fortunately, the players recovered the trophy at the same place. A goalie, a player who guards the net, is prohibited to touch the puck when it is located on the opposite side of the middle line. Manon Rhéaume was the first woman to become a goalie in the NHL in 1992.

An exciting trivia part of the game comes from its origin where some people believe that it was initially played by the Irish and French in the 1700s. Alternatively, some people cite that Canadians made the fun facts about homemade sticks for playing in the mid-1800s.