Not much has been going on with the Boston Bruins for the past few weeks as training camp hasn’t started up and No real shifts have occurred. With training camp starting September 17 new Bruins news hasn’t really broke, until now. Theories and predictions always circle teams and the Bruins are no different.

david-grislis-david-krejciDavid Krejci is bearing the weight of the limelight at the moments as position changes are being discussed and what that means for the veteran. Krejci was heavily injured last season, missed a large amount of games, and wasn’t able to make that many games. Was this his fault or was it due to the line he was placed on. Many people are starting to look at the latter argument. Last season David Krejci was placed on the second line and even had his minutes filter into the third line resulting in his groin injury in November and partially torn MCL in February. After Krejci returned to the lineup after his MCL injury he played 9 games to wrap up the season in April. Loui Eriksson, another Bruins veteran picked up Krejci’s third line minutes to help out.

Even though Krejci last season was not ideal he is being heavily considered for the first line position. He held the role of first line centerman for more than four seasons and is definitely capable of leading the team to a fruitful and championship worthy season. People have also been considering Krejci and Bergeron for the first line position but it actually looks a lot more like Bergeron will be on second line because with him in the ice, everyone gets better. He just a natural knack for helping players improve and has a great feel for the game.

Pretty soon the rumors and theories will be put to rest as the regular season approaches. I personally can’t wait to see how the team works together and how the line form a cohesive bond that works as one. I’m hoping each and every Bruin in healthy and motivated for the beginning of training camp and the season so we can make another strong push for The Cup.

Thank you for reading!

David Grislis