This is the perfect time of year to get ready for your holiday shopping! We’ve compiled a list of great gifts for hockey players and fans. Whether you are looking for something small or big, this list will have something that makes the perfect gift.

Hockey Night Ornament

What better way to get in the mood for hockey season than by putting up a few decorations around your house! This ornament is exclusive to the official online store of the NHL, so you won’t find it anywhere else. It’s simple but creative, and any hockey fan would be pleased with this gift!

Hockey Stocking

These stockings are perfect for putting all of your goodies in. It’s also a great decoration for the holiday season. Whether it be hockey cards, candy, or other small items, this stocking is ideal for any fan! You can find these hanging up in many homes during Christmas time, so why not make yours one of them?

Authentic Team Jersey

The jersey is 100% polyester and made to fit perfectly with your body type. This will surely be another great addition to someone’s collection of sports apparel! The best part is that you don’t have to worry about sizing because every jersey is made true to size.

Hockey Jersey Coasters

If you like the look of a coffee table that has all different kinds of sports-related things on it, then these coasters will be perfect for you! These glass hockey jerseys can handle anything; coffee, tea, or alcohol – they’re not going anywhere! They come in packs of 4 and would make a great gift for any fan!

NHL Stanley Cup Keychain

Everyone needs to carry their keys with them as much as possible so why not do it using this keychain? It’s good for those who don’t want bulky stuff attached to their keys and just need something easy enough to unclip from your set of keys when needed. This also makes the perfect stocking stuffer!

Hockey Toothpick Dispenser

This is for those who like to carry around toothpicks with them because it comes in super handy! Just pull the toothpick out at your convenience and enjoyment. It’s cool looking too, so it makes a great conversation starter if anyone sees you using this at a restaurant or bar.