When it comes to being an athlete, morale and determination are king. If team morale isn’t high, if you aren’t determined to succeed, then chances are you won’t. If you’re an athlete lacking these things, one of the best things to do is to watch a TED Talk. Here are a few great TED TAlks that athletes should check out in 2022.

Are We Born To Run? – Christopher McDougall

In his TED Talk, Christopher McDougall talks about the human body’s ability to run. He explores the various obstacles that prevent people from being able to do so, as well as the stories of individuals who have overcome them. He also asks us to consider ourselves as athletes, and if we are, are we truly born to run? During the course of the talk, you’ll be introduced to several unique runners, including a tribe from Mexico that might be better at running than anyone else on the planet.

The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding – John Wooden

One of the most inspirational individuals to talk about sports is John Wooden. In his speech, he talked about the difference between success and winning. He said that winning is not always the result of a victory and that you can still succeed even if you don’t win. He also talks about the things that made him unique, and how he would give advice to others.

Lewis Pugh Swims the North Pole – Lewis Pugh

One of the most inspirational individuals to talk about sports is Lewis Pugh. He is a great athlete who has pushed himself to the limit. In his talk, he discusses his incredible swim in the North Pole, which was done as a political statement against climate change. He also talks about the various factors that went into preparing for his incredible swim, such as the harsh cold of the water and the depression that he felt when he thought about his dreams.

The Rise of Cricket, The Rise of India – Harsha Bhogle

In his talk, Harsha Bhogle talks about the history of cricket, and how it has changed from its traditional form of English origin to the fast-paced and exciting game that it is today. He also talks about the various businesses and teams that have been established in India because of Cricket, and how these have changed the country’s development. His insights into both the game and India are very impressive, and definitely worth a watch if you’re interested in seeing the impact sports can have on our world.